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Media Advent was created with the customer in mind first and foremost. Established in Corpus Christi, Tx in 2003 we quickly became the "go to" company for customers seeking a personable experience with a focus on having the best prices, while providing an educative approach. The company has provided a multitude of services in the South Texas region and in 2016 was happy to announce its relocation to Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding valley areas.


Media Advent prides itself on removing the confusing numbers other shops and retail store technicians use to force customers into purchasing things they don't necessarily want or need. Hard work is done to make sure the customer understands exactly what they are getting, how it will work/affect them and will receive multiple options and solutions when they are available. The main goal is to ensure a budget friendly approach, but to also give the customer the highest possible tech experience available. We make sure you understand everything so that you can make decisions with confidence.


We look forward to providing technical support and many other services for the Phoenix regions. Our main goal is to remove the "fear tactics" that so many shops use, and create an experience of confidence and transparency. With custom builds, upgrades and repairs, all your options will be laid out, any hardware purchased will be purchased with the lowest price available to you and with only your approval. An up front price will be provided with a detailed quote sheet good for 30 days you can even use to price shop with other service providers and have a great bargaining tool if you choose not to use us. We want you to have the best tech experience at the best price, no matter who you go with. Diagnostics are always FREE and advice is always FREE!!

New Horizons

Upon realizing that many companies like this one require a great support system, we decided to introduce business support services to our lineup. What this particular service entails is up to you...the customer. Let Media Advent be your support system, allowing you to focus on the portions of your business you enjoy the most. We can handle most of your IT solutions and needs, we can help with design, we can assist with presentations and digital content, flyers, and much more. We can also manage your website for you, making sure your content and information stays up to date and fresh. Let us show you what good support feels like!

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