Anti-virus and malware removal, a quick tip.

Please remember that it is entirely not necessary to purchase anti-virus or extra malware software if you have a PC with Windows Installed. If you are still on Windows XP or Windows 7-8 you can use Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge at this link here

If you have Windows 10, you simply need to uninstall whatever third party software you have (Symantec, McAfee, etc) and then do the following.

  1. Push the Windows Key on your keyboard or Click on the Windows “Start” button at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Type Defender and when Windows Defender shows up, Click on that to open the application.
  3. Choose Activate or Enable windows Defender and the status color of the icons will turn to green check marks.
  4. You will also see a message stating “Your Device is being Protected”

The application handles Virus and threat protection, Device performance and health, Firewall and Network protection and even has the family options like browser control and parent monitoring tools. All at the cost of $0.00.

It’s perfectly fine if you have a preference on what software you use for your protection, but avoid salesmen who tell you that you “NEED” to purchase their sponsored software and certainly try to avoid whatever software your internet service provider is pushing on you. They have partnerships with companies for commissions, they aren’t as concerned with your safety as they need as many ways as possible to get that software on your machine and at some point convert you to another source of income on top of what you already pay for service or repair.

Microsoft security essentials is easily within the top 10 of the defending software market and is usually found at the top 5. For this tech, being a completely FREE service and not one of those that constantly nags you with popups, purchase options, and other spam, or otherwise completely hijacking your machine at some point (talking to you McAfee), it’s top notch.

*Always remember that safety online is not only dependent on having the greatest security software to ever exist. If a hacker wants your information it is only a matter of time before they get it. Browse safely, be aware of what sites you go to and always verify a legitimate site when making purchases with at least checking to see if it is secure (https in the address or most browsers will show a closed padlock or “secure” message if safe).



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