Base Networking

What is Base Networking?

Base networking is simply another term for Basic networking. This involves the general setup of a home or small business network. Often this entails the install of a wireless router, network extension via cable runs or through other means such as powerline adapter/extenders, and wireless access points. Voice lines can be extended through the same cable runs as your network and much more. Media Advent can setup your home or business network in this manner. 

Do you do enterprise networking?

Enterprise Networking involves a more complex and structured setup. Managed switches and Cisco Configured routers setup with a Domain Controller in a server environment. Media Advent does not do enterprise networking at the moment due to the timely nature of the setup and the lack of current employed help, although we have some great connections with third parties that do!

What we do...

Our base network setup is $150 flat for most services and can include all of the following tasks.

*** (Base Fee plus $20 an hour for this service…you will get a quote for the install time and will not be charged for any hours over that quote)​

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