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Tech Advice - $FREE

Ever walked into a store, only to get entirely confused on what to purchase. You know what you want in general but don't know which one and the salesman, well...he has an opinion very rarely backed with actual experience or knowledge. Or you want to get something tech related changed or upgraded in your home, but don't know where to start? Some people have a friend they can call for advice at that point, but not everyone. Let me be that person for you! Send a message, call or text and ASK AWAY!! Advice is always FREE!

Diagnostics - $FREE

All Diagnostics are completely FREE and without pressure. I will take a look at your machine with you present if needed and diagnose the issues as well as give multiple repair options if available. If you seek a quote you will receive a breakdown and an upfront price good for 30 days.

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Virus Removal Service - $60

Remove all viruses and perform necessary functions to optimize performance for your system. Free (non-subscription) anti-virus will be installed as well. Turnaround time is usually a day or less with an appointment.

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Computer Hardware Repairs - $100 labor + Parts

Diagnostic is always free, and user can be present for all of it. Issues will be explained in detail as well as all repair options, we will not oversell you or try to pressure you into repairs you absolutely don't need. Parts can be ordered or purchased with customer present.

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Custom Computer Builds - $125 labor flat + Parts

We can sit down, discuss your needs and order exactly what you need (no upsells). If you’ve got the time I can even walk you through the build step by step so you can do it yourself next time!

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Home / Small Business / Base Networking - $150 labor flat

Can network all devices and peripherals, set up IP Cameras and configure servers and Domains if needed. Have all your home devices talking to each other, extend network connections, create solutions to get the most out of your internet services.

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Audio & Video Production / Editing - $Negotiable

Make your home movies into a dvd. Film all those great moments and make some magic. Need a custom mix or music edit, we do that too! Need a professional presentation (powerpoint) made for a special event or meeting / assignment, we can get that done for you while you rest easy and even burn that to a dvd for you as well!

Web Design - $Negotiable

When it comes to making sure your website is accessible, easy to use and clean, Media Advent takes pride in customizing and utilizing content in the best way possible for you. We love WORDPRESS and have experience with many other popular platforms and content builders. We also offer monthly service packages for content management!

Business Support Services - $Negotiable

Media Advent has an abundance of experience when it comes to handling many of the tedious tasks that come with a business. Whether small or large, Media Advent can handle your IT services, Setup File Services, Streamline your office productivity, manage your online and media content, design custom graphics, create flyers, presentations…we’ll even do your speaking event for you! Let us help you with support services that allow you to do the work in your business that you really enjoy!

Home Automation - $Negotiable

Interested in turning your home into a smart home? Whether you just have questions or are looking for someone to install and configure your system, look no further! Media Advent has tested and setup a vast number of home automation products and can get you up and running controlling many functions of your home with just a voice or an app on your phone. Join the future and also learn how you can save money in the long run with a smart system.

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