Maryanne Benavides

Called the tech here to see about removing some viruses off of my laptop and possibly downloading my data off of an old tower I had sitting around. When I showed up at his house, he greeted me and helped me load the stuff into his office. He told me all the steps of the process to get it off and walked me through what he was going to do and how long it was going to take. He answered all of my questions and gave me an up front price of $20 for the virus removal and $20 for the data download. He called me later that day and said he had some good news, the desktop was fixable and even new enough to still use. He offered to upgrade my old machine to Windows 10 at no extra cost and even added he’d go ahead and replace the memory stick which caused the issue in the first place. He didn’t charge me extra for any of that and when I came to pick everything up he showed me how it worked and helped me learn a bit about the new Windows stuff. Very nice guy. Thanks!

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