Virus Removals


What do you do when you've got yourself an infection...

Websites and infected emails won’t give you a warning before you click on them or run them or navigate to those pages. It doesn’t matter what system you have, you can get malware. There are some great tools out there to help you

**Don’t forget Microsoft has a great Anti-Malware program that’s FREE, so no need to buy those third party bloatware applications. 

When it comes to software though, it can only do so much before your system gets hijacked and becomes unusable. At this point you can trust Media Advent to take good care of you. 

One Price $60

That's right. We charge one flat fee to get your system clean and free of malware and working like new again. When the issue is simply software we can make sure to back up your content if possible, and get your machine working exactly like you need. We are certified, degreed and experience in software and operating systems and can dig deep into your system to remove any malware. This fee includes our base optimization as well! We'll also try our best to figure out how your issue was caused so we can educate you in how to prevent it in the future.

Support with Backup

As with many of our other services, this service comes with a 30 day guarantee. If your system becomes affected by malware again, even if it's your fault, we will clean it again for FREE!

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